The Boneyard Dog Park and Drinkery

The Boneyard Dog Park and Drinkery”

Cici is a sassy black and tan Cocker Spaniel and her owner, Kati has her decked out in a new purple dress with matching bows on her ears. She is getting ready to go to her first dog park ever. As she enters this unfamiliar place, she’s excited. Her tail wags uncontrollably as she sees other dogs eager and ready to play. She’s jumping up and down, scratching trying to get into the gate to join the other dogs in the spacious barnyard setting. Once she’s in, her big brown eyes light up and she takes off running from her owner Kati to play. It’s a huge area filled with sand and lots of dogs. Some of the dogs are playing a little too frisky for Cici so she hesitates, then she sees a few girly cuties like herself and starts to make her way over. There was this one big dog near who was kicked out of the dog park for snapping at one of the workers. Cici was a little taken back, but she went ahead to play anyway. Once Cici was comfortable, she realized she had entered doggy paradise also known as “The Boneyard Dog Park and Drinkery”.

Normally at the dog park Kati would worry herself sick if Cici ran off because most of the parks aren’t secured with gates to keep the dogs from going too far, but not to worry, this dog park has all grounds covered. Kati watches for a few minutes as her “baby girl” Cici seems to be having the time of her life. Now it’s time for Kati to do the same. She turns around to see this dog park is much different from others she’s attempted to bring Cici to. To her surprise there was a huge bar with a great selection of some of her favorite beers and wines and also a huge deck to sit on with large umbrellas to protect her fair skin from the hot sun. She walks over to the bar orders a nice cold beer and grabs a seat under a peaceful shaded area near a few other dog owners who seemed to be regulars at this dog park. As she strikes up a conversation with the the other dog owners, she feels a little more at ease. Kati and her sweet pup Cici have fallen in love with this place. Not only could Cici enjoy herself at this park, but so could Kati. “I was happy I had chosen this place to be Cici’s very first dog-park experience, for both her sake and mine,” said Kati.

Texas is known for having the biggest and the best. Now, the state’s most populous city, Houston is the home to the first dog-park and bar. The Boneyard Dog Park and Drinkery is one of the city’s new hangouts for humans and their four legged family members, dogs. The Boneyard Dog Park is a spacious, 7000 sq. ft. fenced in dog-park made for dogs to run around freely without a leash. It is double gated with water bowls for all dogs to share, there are lots of trees for shade and resting under, and cleaning/bagging stations just in case things get a little messy.

The bar has a huge selection of beer and wine. There is a rotation of 18 beers on tap and most of them are locally brewed here in Houston. Inside there is a large U shaped bar and outside you will find a wrap-around deck with picnic tables and umbrellas to keep the sun away. The dogs are also welcomed inside of the bar as long as they are on a leash. With that being said no children are allowed. The Boneyard is all about the dogs; the beer and socialization are just added bonuses for their human companions.
“It’s hard to go back to regular bars, when this place is truly everything you could ever want. (Including food trucks or delivery!)”, said Lydia, a Houston native who is now a regular at Boneyard.

If you get hungry do not worry, they don’t sell food, but there’s usually a FOOD truck outside from 6 p.m. – 12 a.m. At the Boneyard Drinkery food trucks include Bernie’s, Phamily Bites, Oh my! Pocket Pies, Cut and Fry, Frosted Betty and Fluff Bake Bar, and the bar often hosts fund-raisers for local pet-adoption organizations.

There are several rules that must be followed when entering the dog-park. All dogs must be spayed or neutered, and well socialized; customers must clean up after their dogs. Waste disposal bags and trash receptacles are provided, only one gate open at a time when entering and exiting the dog park; owners are liable for damage or injury inflicted by their dogs. This means owners are legally and financially responsible for their dogs’ behaviors. There is a limit of two dogs per person per visit, no dog or people food are allowed in the dog-park. No children are allowed in the dog park. Dogs must be properly licensed and vaccinated; owners must be in verbal and sight control of their dogs at all times to prevent aggressive behavior, biting, fighting, and aggressive barking.

Dogs can never be unattended. Dogs must be unleashed in the transition corridor upon entering the park, owners must have a visible leash for each dog at all times. Dogs with a known history of dangerous behavior are prohibited. Immediately leash your dog(s) and leave the dog-park if your dog behaves aggressively and last but not least, owners who disregard these rules will permanently lose all dog-park privileges.

The Boneyard Dog Park and Drinkery is owned by Justin Bardwell. He came up with the bar and dog combination because he was tired of having to leave his dog Devo at home all day alone while he went to work or hung out with his friends. “Now I bring Devo with me to work with me each day,” said Justin. The Boneyard Dog Park and Drinkery is located near Memorial Park on 8150 Washington Ave. near a slew of other popular bars, but this one is the most unique, visitors say. It is opened seven days a week, but business hours vary on the day of the week.

If you are looking for a change of scenery where you and your dog can have a good time and socialize with others that are doggy obsessed, don’t count this place out, it could possibly become your new favorite hangout.

“I absolutely love this place. We went there for the first time last weekend and it was a blast! The people are so nice, and it’s so much fun to watch the pups run around and play. I just wish there was one closer to where we live,” said Kati.


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