My Internship Experience

I started my KTSU 90.9 The Choice internship the summer of my senior year at Texas Southern University. I remember my first time walking in the doors of the radio station, not knowing what to expect. I heard so many different things about being an intern and it made me nervous. I walked in, palms sweating and heart about to beat out of my chest. When I approached the receptionist’s desk, I asked to speak to Ms. Donna Franklin. I proceeded to her office and when I got there she was on her way out and seemed to be extremely busy. I explained to her that I had been sent over by Dr. Coefer and I was in the process of looking for an intern. As she walked passed me all she had to say was, “see you on Monday and make sure you bring paper, something to write with and be ready to work. Just like that I had my new internship. I am currently still interning there on some days. When I started at the radio station I wasn’t really sure of what to expect. I knew I needed an internship for class, but I also needed something that I was interested in and something that was convenient for my busy school and work schedule. I was told to speak with Ms. Donna Franklin about becoming an intern for KTSU. I walked to her office introduced myself and that was it. Our conversation was very brief. She told me to come in that next Monday.

That following Monday I was accompanied by two other interns that had been there the entire summer and were going to be leaving soon which would leave me there alone. On the first day I took notes over the 24 hour concept clock in radio and I watched the other interns work the entire show on their own. I couldn’t help but to think that once they left I would be doing the same.

By the third day the other interns were gone, which left me alone. Ms. Franklin came in and advised me that I would be working the show on my own that day. I was so nervous I almost wanted to walk out, but I didn’t. That moment was just what I needed to break the ice.

On a daily basis, I do pretty much the same thing. I come in and whoever is there leaves, I sit down at the board, collect the music and commercials for the next hour and make sure that the time log is caught up. There are five time spots you must always hit. The stop of the hour, which is the news, the 15 and the 45, also called the stop, set, drop, the 20, which is called the T-jam, the 35 and the 50. These are all commercial breaks that are set up in a binder to indicate which one should be played at a certain time.

My internship is coming to an end soon because I’m graduating in December, but I have been offered to work Ms. Franklin’s show while she is out of town for the Christmas holiday and I’ve also decided to go back and get some extra experience there by doing some volunteer work after graduation. Working an entire show on my own is going to be a great opportunity that can possibly open several doors for me in my job search after undergrad.


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