Life After Death

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon. The weather was nice, a little hot, but nice. I was headed down the Tiger walk on the beautiful campus of Texas Southern University. I was finally embarking on the most important journey of my life as a college student. I entered the Bell Building to pay for my … Continue reading

My Internship Experience

I started my KTSU 90.9 The Choice internship the summer of my senior year at Texas Southern University. I remember my first time walking in the doors of the radio station, not knowing what to expect. I heard so many different things about being an intern and it made me nervous. I walked in, palms … Continue reading


My name is Arielle Rawlins. I started my college career at Texas Southern University as a psychology major. After two years at TSU I decided to take some time off to do some soul searching. One year later I decided it was time to go back to college. I transferred to Lamar University, a school … Continue reading

Interview With Mr. Charles Hudson

With technology and the internet taking over, it seems than mainstream radio is struggling to stay relevant. In order for mainstream radio to have a future it is going to have to start focusing on sticking to keeping it local and getting all of the local information. Especially living in a big city such as … Continue reading

The Boneyard Dog Park and Drinkery

The Boneyard Dog Park and Drinkery” Cici is a sassy black and tan Cocker Spaniel and her owner, Kati has her decked out in a new purple dress with matching bows on her ears. She is getting ready to go to her first dog park ever. As she enters this unfamiliar place, she’s excited. Her … Continue reading

History of Radio Broadcasting

There were experiments of radio broadcasting as early as 1905-1906 and commercially as early as 1920-1921. Early radio transmissins only carried dots and dashes of wireless telegraphy. The history of radio broadcasting started with audio that broadcast through air waves from the transmitter to the antenna, then to the device. Wikipedia states this: One of the first … Continue reading